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Anonymous asked:

What did the Arabs do? I've never heard of it?? :/












  • They’ve enslaved millions of Africans
  • They’ve raped thousands of African women
  • They’ve castrated thousands of African men
  • They’ve killed millions of Africans

They’ve made us “Afro-Arab (although I don’t like to be called Afro-Arab) hate ourselves…now internalised anti-blackness has manifested in us. Many “Afro-Arabs” in Africa and diaspora hate identifying as black and would rather be called Arab. So many of my Swahili family members think that they’re Arab and not black and that our Swahili culture is thanks to the Arabs

I’m a Congolese Swahili (my Swahili ancestors came from Zanzibar to Congo) and let me list a few things the Swahili-Arabs did in the Congo:

  1. Butchered Congolese men, women and children
  2. Rape Congolese women
  3. Stole from our land
  4. Enslaved us

oh wow

they don’t teach about the arab slave trade at all in the US.

The ankhs don’t talk about it. I guess they don’t know. Or it would conflict with their religious beliefs or lack there of.

They don’t teach us about the Arab slave trade in the UK either…hardly anyone knows about it. It makes it easier for Arabs to spread their anti-blackness and Arab supremacy shit and continue attacking and killing Africans till this day. How many news stations/newspapers report about what Arabs are doing to Africans in 2014?

Jesus…I feel like I want to take some classes like asap


  • Read about the Congo-Arab/ Belgo-Arab war
  • Raid by slavers in Nyangwe ( a town in Congo now called Maniema)
  • Congolese Mangbetu slaves 
  • Boy Soldiers and Ivory
  • Also the book “The fall of the Congo Arabs” (it was written by a white guy he also paints Congolese people as savages)
  • "The Economics of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade in the Nineteenth Century"

And just the Arab slave trade in general 

I’ve been alseep far too long.

Everyone has

I was doing my own research on this earlier this summer. Here’s an article on a number of facts about it.

Quote from the article “The Arab slave trade in the 19th century was economically tied to the European trade of Africans”…an example: The Swahili-Arabs from Zanzibar worked very closely with the Belgians in Congo (read about it in the books mentioned above)

I was always told the Arab Slave trade was just as brutal or even more brutal than the European slave trade. Still going on today







Oh god guys. JK Rowling is a genius, and so is this person.

the thing I love about this fandom is that there are 7 books and 8 movies to observe. so every once in a while some blessed soul finds a piece of information that makes all the magic resurface again

Mind. Blown. 

Oh Lord…it’s a metaphor too. It’s symbolic of Neville holding on to his past, the horrors of what happened to his parents, of being a passive vessel for that atrocity. As if the terrible thing kept happening and would never stop happening. 

When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges. 


It also shows that if you give a kid the wrong tool, he may be a genius but he’s never going to be able to build something with it.




so you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift



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humblepirate asked:

hi, just to clarify, i go to keene state and most of the rioters weren't KSC students. however, they were still almost entirely white (keene itself has over 4000 white kids and less than 40 black students. that pretty much sums up the level of diversity in this region). many were from UNH, also majority white. police were being extremely helpful and professional. unlike ferguson, the danger came from the rioters, NOT the police.




I just saw something on Facebook about a 13 yr old autistic girl being raped and getting pregnant. People are upset because the girls parents are making her carry the baby because the baby is innocent. Am I the only person in the world who sees nothing wrong with that? Lets just think about this logically. The baby IS innocent. This isn’t the first time a 13 yr old girl has gotten pregnant. Its happening more often than we’d like to believe in todays society. It also isn’t the first person an autistic girl has gotten pregnant. Autism isn’t like most mental disabilities. Chances are she has a mild case of autism and lacks basic social skills. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insensitive to the situation. I understand it will be extremely difficult for this girl and her family and I would never expect her to keep the child but its not fair to abort the child. Did you know a baby has nerve endings at around 7 weeks a fetus develops a sense of touch? That means they can feel.. They can feel being aborted. If you don’t want your baby, give it up for adoption. I understand if you aren’t ready and/or can’t afford it but how could you kill something that you’ve created. I just don’t understand.

I guess fuck the actual human being that is being held against her will to carry a fetus. You want to talk about being pro-life and caring for the innocent? Talk about this poor girl who was raped and is now being forced to carry out a potentially dangerous and definitely life changing situation

  • The maternal death rate for teens under age 15 is two and a half times greater than that of mothers aged 20 to 24.
  • Increased risk of medical, social, and financial problems.
  • Due to her young age, she has a higher risk of major complications during the pregnancy and labor. 
  • She’s more likely to live in poverty later in life.
  • Young mothers are less likely to receive comprehensive prenatal care.
  • Dangerous premature birth is several times higher.
  • Lowers her chances of ever finishing school.
  • Infants of mothers this young are more likely to suffer fatal health complications, and 3x more likely to die within their first 28 days.
  •  Not to mention the psychological damage of being raped and forced to have her rapists child by the very people that are supposed to help and protect her.

Getting pregnant at such a young age puts this girl at many risks, but as long as you get that fetus to term it’s no big deal right?

 ”Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insensitive to the situation.”

Actually yes you very much are.

I’d just like to tack on the fact that you call it rape here, but say multiple times on your blog that it wasn’t rape. 




You call it CONSENSUAL SEX. The man that RAPED her was 26 YEARS OLD.

They aren’t calling it rape because she didn’t completely understand the consequences, they’re calling it rape because it’s fucking rape!

A grown ass man having sex with a 13 year old is rape. You are a rape apologist!

(Link to the article.)









Acephobia in the LGBT+ Community from the documentary (A)sexuality. 

It is just…so fucking weird how threatened people feel when it comes to Asexuality.  I still can’t wrap my mind around it.

I’m so happy this post is being reblogged by LBGT+ people who aren’t asexual. I keep on reading posts by non-ace LGBT+ people of support to the ace community, and of being stunned by this reaction by a movement which should know better than to judge. AND THAT MAKES THIS ACE SO FREAKING HAPPY. The woman in the first photo expresses my sentiment. I know I belong in the queer/LGBTQIA movement. I want to belong. But I just don’t know if I’m welcome. I’m so happy that there are so many people on Tumblr who do not fall into the catagory of outright refusal of asexuality.

I know not a lot of people understand asexuality. And I know there’s confusion about it, about our experiences, and about how we fit in the movement. But let’s talk about this. Let’s have this conversation.

I mostly don’t delve into the ace tags, but I hear there’s a lot of ace-hate that and I really don’t get it.  I don’t understand how asexuality is threatening.

You know what I (as a queer ace-spectrum person) find most threatening?  Getting unwanted sexual unwanted advances from both queer and straight people. I’ve gotten them from people of all spectrums and it always makes me profoundly uncomfortable, and often unsafe.  It just boggles my mind how people are upset by the concept of asexuality.  That’s like getting really mad at someone who isn’t hungry.  What’s the point?  Just shut up eat your own sandwich. (And stop chewing on me.)

Wow, the fuck the people in those images.

Nobody has the right to disrespect anybody else’s sense of self. It may not be for, you but that does not give you the right to be an asshole.

We really need to push more for LGBTQIA+ to be a standard, instead of just LGBT, especially considering that even the B and T are already invisible in much of the community.

Not supporting some of us = not supporting all of us.

Not supporting some of us = not supporting all of us.

It really, really does bear repeating.

I couldn’t be further from ace, but for serious.

If we’re not in this together, we’re not in this at all.

This makes me so angry. I have friends who are ace, and they are just as much a part of the queer community as I am.

We need to embrace asexuality and treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Asexuality threatens the status quo. What are you doing if you aren’t getting married and popping out babies and locking yourself into a mortgage and a shitty job for the next thirty years? You aren’t doing what your supposed to do. That’s why asexuality is attacked more than homosexuality. The public sees homosexual as acceptable, as long as their goal is to marry and adopt and do all the right things that society prescribes, but if you are ace, or bi, or polyamorous, or in any way still considered deviant, it’s because the mainstream hasn’t found a way to market to you yet. I think that’s why people react in such a negative way… They are uncomfortable not knowing what your goals are. 

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